What is an “On Your Land” Builder?

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You’re ready to build your new home, but you haven’t decided on a builder to use yet. After all, there are a lot of them out there. As you continue researching to find the right home builder, you may have come across something called an “On Your Land Builder” or “On Your Lot Builder.” What is an “On Your Land Builder” exactly? What happens if you don’t have the land yet?

To build on your own land means that a home builder, like Pathways Builders, will build a home or structure on your land or property. Building on your land is one of the best and most affordable ways to get the home you want. In simple terms, you are buying the home from the home builder and not the property itself. As the home builder has never previously owned the property, it means they haven’t put any money into developing it, providing you with substantial cost savings.

One of our core values at Pathway Builders is “Affordability.” We want to make the impossible possible for people in the Treasure Valley. We’re always looking for ways to maintain the highest quality and standards, yet also finding ways to reduce costs and inefficiencies. Building your home with an “On Your Land Builder” is the first step in realizing your dream.