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Working on this custom home build in Grandview, Idaho was the first time we built our Palouse modern farmhouse floor plan. For project our clients were living in Treasure Valley already and had purchased land in Grandview right on the river that they planned to move to in the future. Their original plan was to renovate an existing home on the property; however, after an evaluation it was determined that demolishing the existing home and building a new one would be better than renovation, so they came to us to discuss building a custom home on their land in Grandview.

Modern Farmhouse Build: Project Details

Build Location: Grandview, Idaho, property located on the Snake River

Home Plan: Palouse Modern Farmhouse Plan

Building A Custom Home In Grandview: Project Background

These local Idaho residents came to us after purchasing a piece of land in Grandview, Idaho along the Snake River. Although they were already living in southwestern Idaho, their current home was closer to Boise and they wanted to move to a smaller community with a quieter location as part of their future retirement plans. The property already had a home, which they originally wanted to renovate; however, they determined that it would actually be better to build a new home on the property rather than renovate the existing home.

Because of this change, they already had a budget in mind and it was important for them to stick to this budget. The property also had an existing shop and an ADU, which they wanted to keep. Their adult children were currently living in the ADU and they wanted to be able to build the new home while their children continued to live in the existing ADU on their land.

With these requirements in mind, we helped them to select our Palouse modern farmhouse home plan, which has three bedrooms, two baths, was in their price range, and fit on their property along with the existing ADU and shop. These clients liked the size and the functional layout of the floor plan. One feature they liked in particular was the convenience of the connecting laundry area and walk in closet.

Customization and Special Requests

When building this custom home in Grandview, the primary request was to be able to build the new home while family was living in the existing ADU on the same property. We’d had this request with previous projects, such as when we built an ADU in Meridian, so we knew that we could do it with a little extra planning.

Because of the slope of the land, we also made a few alterations to the home plan adding a few steps to accommodate the slope. The addition of stairs impacted the space available in the entryway area, so to maintain adequate entryway space, we adjusted the location of the laundry and mud room during the build process.

Challenges While Building This Custom Home In Grandview

One of the challenges for this custom home build in Grandview was an unexpected delay while the clients were determining the best path forward in demolishing their existing home. Because they had originally planned to renovate they had a little tighter budget for their new build and wanted to save money building a custom home. To do so, they chose to demo their house on their own. The house was ultimately demolished by the local fire department as they ended up using the existing home as a training. This delayed the project start date; however, even despite a months long delay we were able to maintain the cost in their original agreement to keep them on budget.

At the start of this custom home build in Grandview, we knew there would be some additional coordination of new utility hookups because of the existing buildings and having clients living on the property during the build. What we actually encountered with utilities were a few additional challenges.

The existing shop on the property was originally connected with overhead power; however, with the new home being constructed, we had to update the power connection to the shop to an underground power source because the overhead power connection would be too close to the roof of the new house.

When we connected the sewer line for the new home and ran our standard water test, we found that the sewer line was dumping right across the street from the property. Because we ran this test, we were able to determine that the sewer line in the location indicated by the city was actually an old line no longer connected. So we had to find the new sewer line that was connected. We were able to do so and update the hook up to the new connection during the construction process saving these clients hassle, time, and money down the line by running our standard water test on the sewer line during the build.


My experience with Pathway Builders has been great! From the first consultation, to design, Craig and TJ were knowledgeable and answered all our questions. During the building phase of our project, Tim, and Trevor were quick to address obstacles that arose, and were able address our concerns in a timely manner as to not slow the building time-line. If I should ever need to build another home, I would not hesitate to work with [this] team of builders again! Thank you so much!

James V.

Even with the challenges that arose before and during this project we were able to build this custom home in Grandview within the original budget and while the family was living on site.

Perspectives From the Pathway Builders Team

This was a great project to work on. First and foremost because the clients were great partners throughout the project. Communication was excellent and it really helped to move the project along faster after the initial delay.

Building this home in Grandview was the first time we built the Palouse home plan and it was rewarding seeing it come to life for the first time. The unexpected challenges with the utility hookups made this project interesting and highlighted one of the reasons we enjoy being an on your land home builder, because we experience something new with every one of our projects.

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