A Single Bedroom Home In Emmett, Idaho

Pathway Builders Shop House Floorplan Kitchen With Cabinets and Appliances - Front View

This single bedroom home in Emmett, Idaho was for a client that had been living on her property already for 30 years. She had an existing manufactured home that she wanted to continue living in while her new home was being built. For this client the timeline of her home build was an important factor…

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A Custom Home In Grandview, Idaho On The River

Kitchen & Kitchen Island - Palouse Modern Farmhouse Plan - Pathway Builders Idaho

Working on this custom home build in Grandview, Idaho was the first time we built our Palouse modern farmhouse floor plan. For project our clients were living in Treasure Valley already and had purchased land in Grandview right on the river that they planned to move to in the future. Their original plan was to…

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An ADU In Meridian, Idaho

ADU Trends 2024 - Garage Attached ADU built by Pathway Builders Eagle Idaho

Recently, we had the opportunity to help a client build an ADU in Meridian, Idaho. The goal for this client was to create an independent living space for an older relative on their current property. At the same time, they liked the idea of incorporating a shop space and additional garage storage for recreational vehicles,…

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