Important Electrical Considerations When Building A Custom Home

electrical considerations when building a custom home - plug in a wall outlet at home

Building your own home gives you the freedom to build a home that is exactly what you want – your dream home. However, it can be an overwhelming process at times. While you get to dream about the design of your master bath and that amazing new kitchen you are about to have, you also…

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Top 7 ADU Trends 2024: An Idaho ADU Builder’s Perspective

ADU Trends 2024 - Garage Attached ADU built by Pathway Builders Eagle Idaho

ADUs are a real estate trend that is here to stay. Originally a great option in areas with higher than average housing costs or for families looking to earn extra income, ADUs gained greater traction during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021 as families spending more time at home used them to increase their livable…

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Top Considerations When Building a Multigenerational Home

Multigenerational Family to Represent Building a Multigenerational home blog header

Building a multigenerational home has many similarities to building any custom home; however, because a multigenerational home’s use is different from a traditional single family home there are several important items to consider when you are designing a multigenerational home.  Whether you are building your multigenerational home in Idaho or in another state in the…

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A Comprehensive Guide To Construction Loans

Comprehensive Guide to Construction Loans blog header - piggy bank

Construction loans are the most common way to finance a custom home build. Anyone who requires financing for their home build will likely be using a construction loan so it’s important to understand what they are exactly, how they work, and the differences between a construction loan and a conventional mortgage. Here we’ll cover these…

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Top 11 Tips On How To Choose A Custom Home Builder

choosing a custom home builder head image two people talking

Choosing a custom home builder is a crucial decision when building your dream home. Having the right partner to help you build your home has a huge impact on the final product as well as the ease of your experience and satisfaction with the process.  As a custom home builder in Idaho, we’ll share with…

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9 Steps To Get Started On Building A Custom Home On Your Land

how to get started building a custom home on your land blog image - people looking at home plans

Step by step instructions on how to get started on building a custom home on your land from Pathway Builders. Building a custom home is an exciting but complex process. If you’ve never gone through this process before it can be difficult to understand where to start. This step by step guide is meant to…

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How To Buy Land To Build a House On

Dirt road on land in Eagle, Idaho- How to Buy Land to Build A House On

Essential Steps, Important Considerations & Tips For Finding The Perfect Lot to Build Your Dream Home Buying land to build a house on is an exciting and rewarding endeavor that allows you to create a home that perfectly suits your needs and preferences. However, it’s crucial to approach this process with careful planning and consideration…

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Benefits of Building an ADU in Boise, Idaho

Interior of an ADU - Benefits of Building An ADU in Boise, Idaho

If you live in the Boise area, you may have noticed ADUs popping up in the news more often lately. Recently, ADUs have gained recognition as a potential option to alleviate the affordable housing shortage that the entire Treasure Valley area is experiencing. In the past several years Boise, along with several other municipalities in…

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Building Vs Buying A House In Idaho: A Complete Guide

building vs buying a house in Idaho main image

Building vs buying a house is a common question for homebuyers no matter where you are looking to live. But location is a huge factor in the build vs buy decision, so here we’re going to cover building vs buying a house in Idaho where Pathway Builders is located. It’s where we have our expertise…

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