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This single bedroom home in Emmett, Idaho was for a client that had been living on her property already for 30 years. She had an existing manufactured home that she wanted to continue living in while her new home was being built. For this client the timeline of her home build was an important factor in her decision, so she was looking for a builder that could accommodate her timeline and her customization needs while remaining within her home building budget.

Project Details

Build Location: Emmett, Idaho

Home Plan: Pinewood House Plan

Single Bedroom Home In Emmett: Project Background

For this single bedroom home build in Emmett, our client was looking for a home builder that could help her to build a home on her land within her desired timeline and within her budget. She had talked with a few other builders before discussing her project with us and had been having trouble finding a builder that could meet her timeline. After discussing her needs and her project in detail, we determined that it would be cutting it close to build within her schedule, but we thought we could get there or be very close to the date she wanted to move in. We also knew we had a home plan that would fit her needs and helped this client to select the Pinewood floor plan with a few modifications.

Customization and Special Requests

This client had mobility difficulties that made it more of a challenge to come into the office for meetings, so we came to her. During the design process we met with the client in her existing home, bringing samples with us to make it easier for her to go through this process in a way that met her needs.

Although we selected the Pinewood floor plan, which has a shop attached in the original plan, we modified this to remove the unwanted shop space and create a larger living space for this client’s single bedroom home build.

We also updated the bathroom shower to a zero entry shower and made modifications throughout the home to ensure the space would easily accommodate a wheelchair or walker should the client need this in the future.

This client wanted to minimize the amount of work she needed to do on her own so we also modified our agreement to include any additional items we could take care of to eliminate the burden for this client. This included securing permitting and additional excavation work to make the process as simple as possible.

Challenges While Building This Single Bedroom Home in Emmett, Idaho

The biggest challenge we came across while building this single bedroom home in Emmett came during the permitting process. The property was not zoned for two residences, so to allow the client to continue living in her current residence, while we built her custom home, we needed to work with the city to secure a special exception. This special exception allowed the client to continue living in her current home, while we built her new home as long as the existing home was demolished within 90 days of the new home completion.

While building, the sewer line was damaged by a tree root, unrelated to the building of the new home. Because we were already on site working on the build, we were able to resolve this sewer line break for our client within 24 hours to keep the sewer system running for her current home.


Despite the challenges with permitting and the special exception, we completed this project within our client’s desired timeline. She was thrilled to be able to move into her new home when she wanted and was very appreciative of our efforts to make the process as easy as possible for her both during the build and by making accommodations to meet at her home during the design phase of the project.

Perspectives From the Pathway Builders Team

We enjoyed working with this client and being able to complete the project within her original budget and her original timeline, three months prior to other builders she had talked with about her project. It was rewarding to be able to help her move into a new home on the property she had called home in Emmett for 30 years.

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