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Recently, we had the opportunity to help a client build an ADU in Meridian, Idaho. The goal for this client was to create an independent living space for an older relative on their current property. At the same time, they liked the idea of incorporating a shop space and additional garage storage for recreational vehicles, so our Pinewood shop house floor plan was perfect for them. This family already had a house built on their land and were currently living in the main house. The new ADU was an additional building going up on the same property. While this presented the need for extra attention and planning to avoid any disruption to the current living arrangements, we were able to navigate this with ease and finish this ADU build in Meridian on schedule.

Project Details

Build Location: Meridian, Idaho, outside of the city limits within Ada County jurisdiction

Home Plan: Pinewood, ADU

Meridian ADU & Shop Project Background

This local Idaho resident originally came to us looking for a way to add an accessory dwelling unit to their property in Meridian, Idaho where they were already living. They were planning to have their father-in-law move in with them and wanted him to be able to have his own independent living space, so an ADU was a great choice. They had already been looking at ADU options and had an idea and example in mind of an ADU that they were hoping to build on their land.

During our initial conversation, we learned this client also wanted to build additional storage space for their vehicles and a shop space. With these needs in mind, we helped them create an ADU plan with attached storage for a single building that would accomplish all of their goals, the Pinewood ADU plan.

Customization and Special Requests

For this project, we made modifications to the bathroom to incorporate a walk-in shower instead of a bathtub/shower combination. We also moved the height of the shower head as the relative moving into the space was on the tall side and the higher shower head would be better for his use.

It was also important to these clients that we match the style of the new ADU with the exterior style of their existing home. The original home on the property was built in the 60s or 70s, so we made adjustments to the original ADU plan that would better match with the current home’s style.

Another request for this ADU project in Meridian was to keep as many of the existing trees on the property as possible. This required additional coordination due to all the trees, the two existing buildings, and connection to the existing septic; however, we were able to accomplish this goal. Only one tree was removed during this ADU build and it was removed for other reasons, unrelated to this project.

Challenges While Building This ADU in Meridian, Idaho

As with any custom home building project, there were certain challenges to overcome while building. In this case, we knew we would have additional coordination required due to the two existing buildings on the property and needing to connect with the existing septic system. Because the client also wanted to maintain as many trees as possible, determining the location of the new ADU took additional planning.

In order to meet the Ada County code, we also needed to be sure that we had the required space on the property for a firetruck to turnaround. Each of these factors needed to be considered as we selected the location of the ADU and shop space.

One unexpected challenge that arose during initial permitting was that the existing shop on this property, the second existing building, was not up to code initially. To help move the process along, our team had to remove the roof of this existing building to bring it up to code. This allowed us to help the client secure the necessary permits to help move this ADU project along.


Pathway Builders is an amazing company! They are very professional and responsive to questions about our build. They are on time one trade after another. I would 100% recommend Pathway Builders as your home builder.

We are building a shop and a one bedroom attached dwelling. It’s only been a couple months and it is almost done. We are amazed at the whole process. Again, we would recommend them to anyone looking for a builder.

Scott H.

Despite the challenges with coordination of the location and permitting, we were able to complete the building of this ADU in Meridian, Idaho on schedule. During the build, we also helped this client to coordinate their landscaping so that the construction of the new ADU, garage, and shop wouldn’t interfere with any new landscaping. We also helped the client save money on tree removal as we were able to use our equipment to remove the one tree on their land that needed to be removed for reasons other than the new construction.

Perspectives From the Pathway Builders Team

We had a great time working with these clients. Because we were building a new building where they were currently living, they were usually on site so we had the chance to interact more than we normally would for a project being build on land where no one was currently living. This made our communication really effortless and it felt even more like we were a team working toward the same goal.

During this project we were also training a new project manager and it was fun to go through the process with a new team member for the first time.

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